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Don’t you love going to big malls and spending hours on searching a perfect outfit for a party, special occasion or just in general in Dubai? Well, most women do, and shopping is much of a hobby and a stress reliever for them. Recent studies have shown that it is important for feminine gender to feel desired and beautiful and that’s one of the main reasons for such a huge love towards this shopping in dubai malls.

It’s true that the Internet has affected shopping and in the 21st-century people shop online because of many benefits it offers. But despite that, it is still believed that shopping in the malls is much safer and also quite a way to spend time with friends and gossip.

Everybody knows that Dubai is one of the best places to shop in the whole world. Because of many reasons including convenient shopping hours, Dubai malls, Dubai outlet malls, summer surprises and etc. A market in this city is oriented on foreigners, by offering comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere and what’s more important acceptable prices. In addition to this, you can find various products under one roof, which attracts lots of people and makes them realize that there’s no better place to shop.

After explaining why Dubai is the best shopping destination and shopping in Dubai a beneficial way to spend time, let’s focus on the malls that this city offers.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Let’s start with the Dubai Mall which is famous everywhere. First of all, the mall provides products of many categories, such as home furnishing, electronics, fashion for women, men and children, toys, books and many others from different, worldwide famous brands. Personally, I find it very attractive that you can find a list of shops on their website connected to special occasions.

For example, if your friend, a family member or a partner has a birthday and you’re looking for a gift that will be suitable for this celebration, you can go to the Dubai Mall’s website, click occasions and choose Birthday. As a result, it will show you the shops where you can find what you’re looking for and that will, of course, save your time. In addition to this, the mall offers places to have meals (including healthy meal!) for people with different taste and also luxurious places to spend a night.

One of the mains issues for the Dubai Mall is a relationship with customers, and it pays enormous attention to it, that’s why the mall hired professional and experienced staff members. Who are able to communicate in 22 different languages. Another reason to visit this place is that it offers various entertaining activities, such as ride on Burj Lake. Where people have an opportunity to enjoy an astonishing view or Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, where customers can observe different marine species.


Mall of the Emirates

Also one of the most popular shopping malls, not only in Dubai but also in the whole world and the range of services it provides is enormous. Firstly, they offer many categories of products (even pharmacy, health, beauty and etc.) just like the Dubai Mall, but even more.

So, it’s true then, that you can find everything that you might want under one roof, which, in our personal opinion, must be the most attractive and comfortable for customers about this mall.

Secondly, you can, of course, find a place to have a delicious meal with your friends, family or all by yourself in restaurants, cafes or fast food restaurants and use special offers, which will save you money. As for entertainment, they offer Magic Planet, Ski Dubai, Movies and Dubai Community Theatre&Arts Centre and all of them promise customers an unforgettable experience.

Another benefit of the Mall of the Emirates is special offers in almost all directions: food, clothes, accessories, various events and others. In addition to this, you can get Mall Gift Card for your loved ones.

There’re four types of gift card for different purposes, so visit mall’s website in order to receive detailed information about each of them, and if you’re interested in buying one, you can do that online very quickly. Customer satisfaction is important for this mall, as well and that’s why they offer special guest services to avoid any uncomfortable situation and make customers’ visit there as enjoyable as possible. List of these services is available on the website along with hotels’, where clients can stay at night. To inform customers, even more, this shopping mall has a blog to reveal latest trends that they can buy in stores and give some advice or they also write about new offers in dining or entertainment blogs.

Mall of the Emirates

Dubai Outlet Mall

Another place you should definitely consider visiting is Dubai Outlet Mall, which unites entertainment, dining and shopping facilities. As most of the shopping malls in Dubai, this one also offers clients variety of products and brands. Even though there’re already many shopping stores, new stores are opened, and the mall’s website usually publishes information about it.

One benefit that might be the most attractive for tourists is Outlet Plus Card, which is valid only for one day but can entitle discount on many products and also shuttle service, which ensures that the mall is easy to find for tourists who are not familiar with the city. In case of being interested in this mall, you can either visit its website to find out some details or find them on social media, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

It is now clear that Dubai malls are prestigious and customer-oriented because they prove every day that they care about their customer, which are number one priority.

On the other hand, Dubai shopping can be relaxing and enjoyable for clients, because they get service in the most comfortable, friendly and convenient atmosphere and that makes them feel important and what is more significant makes them want to come back to Dubai to shop again. Paying this much attention to customers and their needs must be one of the main reasons for Dubai malls’ success.

Dubai Outlet Mall

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