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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery In Dubai

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Written by Helen

Have you ever looked into a mirror and disliked something about the way you look? Have you ever wanted to change something about your appearance in order to feel more confident and have better self-esteem? Well, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel better about yourself. One of the quickest and safest ways to achieve your wish is cosmetic surgery. Which seems the same as plastic surgery to many people but they are definitely different from each other.

While plastic surgery is more focused on reconstructing body and facial defects, cosmetic surgery’s number one priority is enhancing patient’s appearance. The procedure can be performed everywhere: face, body & neck and there’re many types of it, such as breast surgery, liposuction, body procedures, body contouring procedures, hair transplantations, facial cosmetic surgery and etc. Each of them has their own advantages, but the most popular is considered to be liposuction.

Even though those surgeries are generally safe and only minority of patients have very few negative side effects. Each customer should really take all advantages and disadvantages into consideration. Before deciding whether they want to experience a surgery or before choosing a surgeon. Why? Because according to a research almost 5% of surgical procedures have complications afterward. That mostly concerns countries, where cosmetic surgery is cheap and surgeons are not very professionals. But safety first, so patients definitely have to think about all aspects before making a decision, because cosmetic surgery is a huge step.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery’s


The main values they deliver to the customers are not only professional and experienced team, but also a high quality of provided services. Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures and you can get comprehensive information about it on their website. The more you read, the clearer it is that this center is one of the best places to get liposuction in Dubai. Because the range of areas the procedure is carried out is wide and also, the procedure itself is very safe. Customer satisfaction and communication with them is Dubai Cosmetic Surgery’s number one priority, and their website plays a huge role in achieving it.

It not only provides full information about each procedure and answers to possible questions. But also offers profiles of surgeons, showing their qualifications and previous surgeries, which, of course, leads to gaining customers’ trust. In addition to this, you can read their blog about various topics connected to cosmetic surgery or watch videos in case of having any further questions. If you are interested in experiencing liposuction in Dubai, or just in general cosmetic surgery in Dubai, and are fond of benefits that Dubai Cosmetic Surgery provides, you can book an appointment online, which won’t take more than 5 minutes.

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Nova Clinic of Aesthetics

Another great option is the Nova Clinic of Aesthetics, which has quite interesting and unique vision practiced by world-class surgeons from different parts of the world and is definitely customer-oriented. It offers one of the safest procedures using latest technologies, innovative methods and creates comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

The clinic has numerous prestigious awards and has been recognized many times by press, including Vogue Man Arabia, Emirates Woman, Grazia etc. Besides they quite frequently are visited by the foreigner and qualified doctors. For example, from30th June to 2nd July Dr. Frati, one of the best surgeons in the UK, will be available in Dubai and offers not only consultations but also surgeries.

Treatments are available and attractive for both female and male sexes. Another commonly performed procedure apart from liposuction is rhinoplasty and if you’re looking for a clinic to offer one of the best rhinoplasties in Dubai. Then book an appointment in Nova Clinic, where you’ll be in good and safe hands. If you are looking for further information about surgeons, details about procedure and pre or post treatments, visit their website.

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Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic

offers cosmetic surgery treatment along with the other services. If you’d like Botox in Dubai, breast surgery or any other cosmetic surgeries and your number one priority are to get exactly what you have been promised, then you should definitely visit this clinic. Staff members understand how important it is to feel good about yourself and be confident, so they do their best to achieve perfect results and before starting the procedure they always discuss even slightest details with patients.

If you visit their website, it’ll be clear that they care about customers and a relationship with them. They provide information about procedures and staff members, just like other clinics. But they also offer client testimonials, which from our point of view has an influence on a customer. While deciding which clinic they’re going to visit. Besides, their Youtube channel has very informative videos to guide you through this clinic. To satisfy customers, even more, Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic provides articles about cosmetic tips and post-surgery care on their website.

Those articles could really help in everyday beauty care routine, because they include significant topics, such as taking care of body, face, and skin. Photos uploaded to the website show condition before and after surgical treatment and you can always look at them to see if you like the result before making any decision. If you have any questions, you can, of course, reach them on their website or via social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, or call them.


Dubai offers one of the best clinics in cosmetic surgery and procedures provided by them are of high quality and generally safe. But as we have already mentioned, it is important to take some time and think before making any decision. If you’re thinking about changing something in your appearance and experiencing a surgery. You should definitely make up your mind about what is your main priority and only then start searching for the right clinic.

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