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Where To Find The Best Personal Trainers In Dubai

Personal Training Dubai
Written by Helen

How many times have you felt disappointed in yourself after regularly avoiding going to the gym, pushing the wish to keep fit and healthy away, and telling yourself that tomorrow’s the day? Well, let me tell you that there’s quite simple, financially attainable and also a necessary solution to your problem that is a personal trainer.  Why essential?

First of all, personal trainers could really help to motivate and challenge, especially if you’re a lazy person and would rather stay in bed all day and sleep over instead of engaging in physical activity. They are profoundly competent and experienced, so they instruct you how to exercise correctly and as a result not only is the chance of multiple injuries reduced, but also a fitness goal is accomplished faster and more efficiently.

Personal trainers can really have a huge impact on your health by turning exercise into a lifetime habit and that involves not only your physical but also mental health. Regular exercising has the positive influence on anxiety, BPD, depression etc. by producing endorphins. So, if you are looking for personal trainers in Dubai, one of the companies you should definitely consider visiting is:

Symmetry Gym

The studio is rated as one the best gyms in Dubai. One of the main reasons for its success definitely is hard-working and dedicated team members, whose work is customer-oriented and who does their best to create a suitable atmosphere for clients to feel motivated enough to achieve their fitness goals. They provide various services, like special training programs for body loss, bodybuilding, pregnancy safe training and also injury rehabilitation. There are 3 (A, B or C) options for each service with a personalized program and the price depends on the option you choose:

  1. You have an opportunity to train with the best, Amir Saddiqui or Ghazi Kamir, but unfortunately, these trainers aren’t available for everyone, only for clients who are able to match some of the criteria listed on the website.
  2. This program lasts for 12 weeks (84 days) and is a short-term plan, which is offered for two payments for 7500 AED (15750 AED for VAT).
  3. This one is called long-term plan and lasts for a whole year to give you time to explore and improve your physical health as much as possible (4 095 AED/mo with VAT)

All programs offered by this gym are based on Fission-Fusion Trained Methodology, which is explained on their website in details and you can not only receive information there but also fill out a form online and a membership advisor will get in touch with you so that you can choose a flexible time for your visit.


One of the most well-known gyms to offer personal trainers in Dubai and provide different kinds of services, like physiotherapy, philosophy, swimming lessons, online training, group training and private training. Group training is, of course, accompanied by personal trainers in different outdoor locations, and they also use training equipment for a more efficient and quick result. As for private training, it is individual and fully customized for clients, which involves individual training programs and goals and a flexible timetable.

One of the best services of this gym probably is philosophy, which includes four aspects: eat, move, recover and prepare and it shows us, that just regular exercising isn’t enough if you don’t have a suitable lifestyle, including healthy food. In addition to this, online training seems to be very flexible, especially for people with busy lifestyles and it presents different transformation goals, for both sexes but separately.

  • Slim down for women is oriented on losing bodyweight, lasts for 12 weeks and costs 199$.
  • Tone up for women is more focused on shaping the body, lasts for 12 weeks and costs 199$
  • Build muscle for men is also oriented on shaping the body, 12-week long training costs 199$
  • Fat loss is for men, who would like to shed body fat and this training also costs 199$

All you need to do is fill your personal information and their support team will call you to agree on the details. Yourgym’s website itself is quite motivational because it presents successful stories of people, who have already tried this services and that really challenges you to work harder for your goal. The website gives comprehensive information about each service, membership options and also personal trainers, based on that information you can choose, whose skills are more beneficial to you.

VIP Home Personal Training

As for female fitness, VIP Home Personal Training offers one of the best services at your home or their fitness center, location and time is entirely up to customers. Training at home is a great way to stay motivated, attend every session and be confident because you are in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere. Of course, each training program is individual considering clients’ goals, skills, and health condition. The most common reason to hire a female personal trainer is to keep fit and achieving it takes from 10 to 12 sessions.

Single sessions:

  • 1 on 1 session for 1 hour 350 AED per person
  • 2 on 1 session for 1 hour 250 AED per person
  • 3 on 1 session for 1 hour 200 AED per person

The gym also offers special personal training discounts and packages, listed on their website and you can also sign up for training session online. In case of any further questions, you can contact VIP Home Personal Training on the phone or via email, and they also have social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Personal trainers in Dubai are qualified and competent and from the prices shown above, it is clear that signing up for several sessions is financially attainable. So, if you want to keep fit and have a healthy lifestyle, stop whatever you are doing right now and apply for a training session that is the most acceptable for you. After all, what is more, important than your physical and mental well-being?


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