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The best 3 nurseries in Dubai

Nurseries in dubai UAE
Written by Helen

Every parent has their child’s best interest at heart and always tries to create a comfortable and loving atmosphere for her or him at home. But it’s clear that home isn’t enough for children, who are just starting to explore the world and nursery is a perfect way to prepare them for their future.

In nurseries pre-school education is offered in a fun way so that children feel relaxed enough to learn by singing, hearing stories, talking, drawing etc. and discover their talents during these activities. Nurseries can have an enormous influence on kids’ character and future because that’s where they start to explore not only surroundings but also themselves, their skills, a value of friendship.

At pre-school they make friends learn to express different emotions, and that helps their communication skills. In addition to this, children expose independent life for the first time and the knowledge and skills that they gather, prepare them for primary school. Enough about their personal growth, which is, of course, extremely important, but parents should also pay immense attention to child’s physical health, which could be guaranteed by most nurseries because they engage children in physical activities. So, as we can see nurseries are significant, and that’s why a parent should take many aspects into consideration while choosing one.

Little Champions Nursery

If you’re looking for a nursery in Dubai, then you should definitely consider Little Champions Nursery, which offers safe and relaxing environment from 7:30 6:00 p.m. Healthy food, regular physical and creative activities are considered to be this nursery’s competitive advantages. It provides different services for different age groups, like baby room for infants, 1-2s, 2-3s, 3-4s, and activities are, of course, different and fit for each age.

Children are able to be involved in both outdoor and indoor activities to improve their physical health, social and emotional development, intelligence and creativity. Speaking of creativity, they even have a chance to be involved in theatre plays and act various roles on stages or become bookworms by reading appropriate books for their age from nursery’s library.

Besides, Little Champions Nursery even offers a summer camp and promises kids a summer they will all enjoy and never forget. If a parent still isn’t sure or doesn’t feel secure enough, they can always visit pre-school’s website and find more information about staff, subjects their children will be covering or skills they will be improving. The website also provides information about price or admission procedure, which is very easy and quick.

Spot Nursery

Another popular facility is Spot Nursery which offers different services, like Daycare, Kindergarten School, Playschool, or Pre-school. All of them meet your child’s needs and the main priority is children’s safety, health, and freedom. The nursery is well, modernly equipped and kids have access to computers, tablets or whiteboards. All activities are aimed to develop children in various spheres, such as mathematics, arts, and design, literacy and etc.

As for outdoor activities, staff tries to offer various tasks that develop different skills in children. As I have already mentioned, facility cares about kids’ health and that not only involves their physical activity, but also healthy food. Meals provided 2 or 3 times a day are organic, nutritious and fresh. One of the most important and comfortable benefits offered is one or two ways transportation service and you can see paying options on their website (and also other services’ prices).

Nursery focuses on children’s individuality and they consider it very important that teachers, who are professional and experienced take that into account and encourage all of them in different ways. Another advantage of this center definitely is British curriculum, which is based on EYFS (The Early Years Foundation Stage) framework and opens a new door for children full of creative and fun activities. If you’d like more information about curriculum or admission procedure, you can visit their website and in case of having further questions, contact them via email or mobile phone.

Indigo Valley Nursery

If you are looking for an inclusive nursery in Dubai, then Indigo Valley Nursery might be of the best options providing service for children with learning difficulties or highly gifted children from Sundays to Thursdays during 7:00 a.m-06:00 p.m. It always tries to keep up and offer innovative and creative services fit for each age. In addition to this, considering that most parents work, a timetable is very flexible and children can start their day at the Nursery at whichever time is convenient for a parent.

Of course, their activities are indoors and outdoors, but everyone, including staff members, starts their day with meditation and safety and health is considered top priorities. Their curriculum is also based on EYFS framework and another significant issue is that nursery completely eco-friendly, they are plastic free, reducing carbon footprint and etc. Children at this early age don’t really understand the damage humanity has caused to the Earth or catastrophic consequences of it, but it is still essential to learn that they have to take care of an environment from the very beginning.

The campaign this nursery has started years ago and continues today involves children and their parents in eco-friendly activities as much as possible and encourages them to follow their 15 ideas every day to make this world a healthier place to live in. Even on holidays nursery’s door is open for children (“Holiday Programs”) but only limited spaces are available. Further information about curriculum, eco-friendly activities, admission, prices or “parent info” is available on nursery’s website.

It’s clear that Dubai offers many great Nurseries and the choice is completely up to parents. One of the best ways to choose a nursery in Dubai is to realize what is number one priority for them and what they are looking for their child.

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