5 Easy Nail Art Designs You Can Do By Yourself

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Written by Helen

Admit it, you love when your nails are painted and look pretty.  Well, if you do then you must be spending lots of money or time in different nail salons. Or are you taking care of your nails at home without spending much money and without making much effort? Nowadays it is very easy to do that at home. Everyone is aware of the importance of nail hygiene and that fingernails are really important part of human body.

First of all, washing, moisturizing, cleaning hands and trimming nails are a good way to avoid dirt and germs and bacterias under nails. That not only sounds unhygienic but germs and bacterias can also be transformed to the body and cause some diseases and infections, sometimes even serious ones, which are difficult to get rid of.

Secondly, you avoid any nail condition that you might have to deal with in case your nails aren’t healthy. These are the main reasons for taking care of your nails. But besides that women usually paint their nails because it looks pretty, strong and healthy and it is considered that healthy nails are a sign of a healthy person. Some people prefer to paint their nails at home and quite a lot of them are into nail arts. You can try some easy nail art designs yourself by following some simple steps.   


Easy nail art designs that you can do by yourself

Here are some designs you can try:

  1.    If you have long oval nails, this will be perfect for you. First of all, you paint your nails with desirable shade and let it dry. Then you starting applying another shade to your nails but about a quarter inch from the cuticle. It will be better if the second color is darker than the first shape. You can use, for example, black and white or white and dark blue and etc.
  2.    For shorter nails, you can try one of the simplest designs. Paint your nails in light colors, such as white or nude and then apply a black line horizontally and vertically on different nails. This one is very easy to do and also looks quite stylish and modest and it will match any types of clothes, classical or sporty.
  3.    For simple designs, tapes and stripes are quite useful for different shapes. One of the techniques you can try is to use thin nail strips. You can place it on your nails and create V shape. Then you can apply any color you want dark or light and this minimal design will look flawless. You can also consider adding more V shapes, like 3 or 4 to give it more fulfilling look.

    For simple designs, tapes and stripes are quite useful for different shapes

  4.    As mentioned above you can use tapes. For example, apply striping tape on your nails two inches down from cuticle. Paint your nail with desirable color below the tape and let it dry. If you would like you can apply another color above the tape. In both cases, your nails will definitely look fantastic.
  5.    Another quite trendy and colorful design is Ombre. All you have to do is mix two gradient colors, dab it by a sponge and then place a sponge on your nails. This mixed color will give your nails a fashionable look no matter what size and shape they are.

    Another quite trendy and colorful design is Ombre. All you have to do is mix two gradient colors, dab it by a sponge and then place a sponge on your nails.

But if you’re in Dubai, don’t really feel like making any effort at home and consider visiting a salon, then there’re offered some serious nail art salons in Dubai. You should definitely consider visiting SOH salon, which is very innovative and always tries to keep up with new trends. SOH offers various procedures, such as manicure, pedicure, bio manicure and pedicure, signature nail designs and etc. Their professional and experienced team cares about customers and customer satisfaction. They not only provide services connected with nails, but also body art, waxing, hair art and others. In addition to this, SOH offers different exhibitions from time to time. If you’re interested in services provided by this salon, you should visit their website to see the price of each procedure or to find contact information.

Another nail art salon in Dubai is Pastels, which also offers various procedures including hair and nail art. You can get any design you want and make your nails look fabulous under acceptable prices. Relationship with customers must be very important for them and their website, which provides detailed information about each service, proves it. In addition to this, the salon also publishes latest news and trends to keep customers informed. One of the benefits of Pastels is an online application, which makes booking process or getting information easier.

The Nail Spa is also a must go destination, which offers nail art, massage, facial and waxing. TNS cares about their customers and their mood and offers in-spa entertainment, which includes keeping up with latest celebrity news and trends. While getting a manicure or a pedicure, you can never get bored. In addition to this, the salon offers some very beneficial deals of the month and special packages, which help to save some money. You can also be a member of different offers and get points for the money you spend at the salon. TNS’s app is also available, and you can download it to get information or in case of having an interest book an appointment. Or you can visit salon’s website and book online. Apart from booking you can go to their blogs and read some interesting articles, which proves trendy advice about fashion.

Taking care of nails is very significant part of an everyday beauty routine and most people, fortunately, realize how important it is to have healthy nails. They take care of their nails by spending much money on expensive products for moisturizing and hydration, but some people choose to use homemade traditional products in order to keep their nails strong and beautiful. Nails salons aren’t always necessary if people know how to clean their nails and besides, there’s some simple nail design advice that women can take into account before painting them.  

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