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Top 5 Massage Centers in Dubai

massage salon in Dubai
Written by Helen

Being under pressure, stress at work/university – can cause muscle tension and as a result, you might have a constant feeling of tiredness. Well, good news for you, massage can be one of the simplest solutions to this problem. Because it not only reduces muscle tension but also promotes its relaxation. Moreover, it is known to reduce stress hormone cortisol’s level, while increasing “happy hormone’s”, causing a stress relief.

Massages are mostly known for relaxing, but they can also have an enormous influence on people’s health by lowering blood pressure, improving circulation or posture, or also strengthening the immune system. So, that’s why massage therapy isn’t only a way to relax and have a good time, but also a treatment approach. Because of that, massage culture is getting more and more popular all over the world. If you have a mental problem, like depression, anxiety or BPD and you probably feel the need to visit a therapist, but don’t have the courage yet, massages are a good start. Why? Because they require less effort and it’ll make you feel less uncomfortable. But of course, if your illness is serious, it won’t be enough.

Soul Senses Spa and Wellness

If you want to get a massage in Dubai, one of the places you should definitely consider visiting is Soul Senses Spa and Wellness. Which provides various services, including aromatherapy, Swedish massage, hot stone, hot oil therapy and etc. They are classified into 5 groups: classic treatments, premium treatments, royal treatments, SOTHY’S signature facial&slimming treatments and personal care services, so the price depends on service’s type and its duration.

Professional and experienced team, luxurious environment and unforgettable experiences are thought to be this center’s competitive advantages. In addition to this, if you’d like some benefits, you can use Soul Signature Membership Program, which offers various membership packages that are different by visiting hours and services, they include. If you are looking for a gift for a family member, a friend or a partner, you can always consider giving them the perfect experience in this spa as a gift card and I’m sure they’ll be grateful for it.

The company has very strong and interesting beliefs about its mission and vision, which you can read on their website for details. The website not only gives information about provided services or makes it easier to make an appointment, but also gives people career opportunities. If the company is looking for someone qualified for a certain position, you’ll always find information about it there.

Elite Touch Massage Center

Another popular center offering massage in Dubai is Elite Touch Massage Center, which is totally customer-oriented and provides one of the best exotic and luxury massages. The center specializes in different types of procedures, such as hot oil massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, four hand massage and reflexology massage. Of course, you can book an appointment online just by following some simple steps on their website and also get full information about each procedure, so that you feel free to choose which one would be more enjoyable for your relaxation and beneficial for your health.

Besides, the company really cares about customer trust and they provide some information about experienced and professional team members and also have published some client’s reviews. In addition to this, if you have a wedding, you’re nervous about it and would like to relax, you can have a special wedding package and save about 30% for all services, but, unfortunately, only on specific time. Well, if you don’t have a wedding, but still want to visit a spa center and aren’t sure whether you’d like provided service or not, you can have a new client offer, which includes 30 minutes massage for free.


Chakra is the energetic wheel and not the organ of a body, but it is quite important to balance it because imbalance can have a huge effect on person’s emotions and body. Balancing Chakra can be achieved by massaging and you have to open all, seven Chakras to achieve spiritual balance. As a result, your negative emotions will be released, you will feel more energetic, positive, have a better self-esteem and etc.

If you are interested in this, then Ayurveda Clinic Massage in Dubai is definitely for you. The procedure lasts for 45 minutes and will help you relax and release stress. If it is your first visit, you will have a short consultation and will get as much information as you need.

Iridium Spa

If you’re into Asian massage therapy, then you should probably visit Iridium Spa, which offers Asian Spell massage (with many other procedures), that lasts about 90 minutes, using traditional Shiatsu techniques and focusing mostly on pressure points. Information about prices or any other issue could be found easily on their website. The company has gift vouchers for any procedure or value, but more important is monthly offers, which is a great way to save money and at the same time enjoy this exotic massage or any other beauty treatments.

Near Massage

If you don’t feel like getting dressed and going to the center, then Near Massage is a perfect option for you, because it provides massage therapy at home by professional therapists from different parts of the world. If you’re under a lot of stress, it will be easier for you to relax, because you’ll be in a familiar and comfortable environment. The service is available for both sexes. If you’re interested in it, then you can book a reservation online, call them or contact them via social networks.
There’re different types of massages in Dubai offered by one of the best centers of the world and if you live there or you are on holidays, you shouldn’t miss a chance to enjoy exotic beauty treatment and relax. While there’re various types and kinds of massage all over the world, Dubai gives a chance to experience most of them there.

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