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Where To Spend Ladies Night In Dubai

Ladies night Dubai Jumeirah beach
Written by Helen

Ladies night is a very unique and special thing in Dubai! Relaxing has a tremendous impact not only on your mental but physical health as well.  If you are too stressed your body produces stress hormones and some side effects, such as headaches, muscle pains or sleep difficulties could be noticed. Everyone has a favorite way of getting rid of tension. While some people prefer to stay at home, listen to music and read a book or watch their some films, other enjoy going out and dancing all night long to relieve stress. Dubai night out could be one of the best experiences you could wish for.

DubaiNight offers a wide range of selections of places for the ladies night in Dubai, where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks and what’s more important tasteful music. One of the reasons why these offers are so attractive is that ladies’ night menu includes 3 free drinks and also some sales. The website gives an opportunity to choose the place you would like to visit according to the days of the week, on which you are available.

One of the best places for Sunday Dubai night out with friends is Coco on 8, which offers “We Run the World” event every Sunday for ladies to relax and escape from reality for a while. Music, drinks, food, socializing with your friends and having fun by the pool is what you’ll be able to experience if you’re 21 or more. To make their services sound and look even more attractive they offer a contest to win a pick up in a limousine by Dubai Exotic Limo. The place is open from 6 pm to 10 pm, and smart casual style is necessary.  

Coco on 8, offers “We Run the World” event every Sunday for ladies to relax and escape from reality for a while.

Another great place open on Sunday must be Armani Prive, which offers an open bar for the ladies between midnight and 2 am. It provides a fashionable and stylish atmosphere, and that isn’t surprising from the world known Armani brand at all, which has designed a lounge, terrace, and club. International artists and DJs often visit this place, and that’s what attracts most of the people, who are into nightlife.

Apart from lounges and bars the young generation just loves going to the clubs as a form of social release, meeting new people with similar interests and likes, listening to the DJs and live performers. Well, you can find one of the best nightclubs in Dubai and just enjoy yourself with your old or new friends.

White Dubai is considered one of the best clubs in the city, not only because it has won the title of Time Out Dubai’s Club of the year three years in a row or it is the most exclusive and the biggest club but because of the service it offers.  Apart from dancing, drinking and socializing you can enjoy a spectacular view from the rooftop. The club is very fashionable, always tries to keep up with trends and satisfy customers.

Apart from dancing, drinking and socializing you can enjoy a spectacular view from the rooftop

White Dubai uses its website to achieve customer satisfaction by providing information about events and shows. Each time a famous, international DJ or a performer comes to White Dubai, the staff will share comprehensive information about it on the website in order to attract more customers. Apart from that it also provides articles about famous performers. So, If you are interested in this place, then you should definitely get a table reservation because you can’t go in without it.

Another popular nightclub in Dubai is the Cavalli Club, which is visited by thousands of tourists and residents every year. Its glamorous and fashionable interior, colorful cocktails and the best Italian food create a luxurious atmosphere. The club is open every day from 8:30 pm to 3:00 am, and apart from DJs and performers’ live shows, you can have a dinner table in the middle of the club, which is very unusual and also very attractive to the customers. Cavalli Club hosts lots of celebrities during different events in order to interest and attract more clients.

Cavalli Club hosts lots of celebrities during different events in order to interest and attract more clients.

If you visit the Cavalli Club’s website, the gallery is definitely what you have to see to get some visual information about the club, because it shows professional pictures of customers having fun and celebrities performing. If you would like to visit one of the best clubs in Dubai, then you should call for a reservation.

Club Boudoir is also a go-to party destination, and it was for a long time the most exclusive club for Dubai’s elite. One of the reasons for club’s enormous success is a different genre of music for a different taste, for example, every Thursday customers experience the taste of Bollywood music, while Friday they dance to the Persian music.

Another benefit offered is a special treatment for female guests, on Wild Tuesday nights all drinks for them are free all night and that will make ladies night in Dubai even more fun. Last but not least important is Chateau De Boudoir, which includes guests wearing a mask and becoming a member of Chateau Community.

So, Dubai offers one of the best nightclubs, where you can get the service of the highest quality and enjoy a wide variety of music. If you decide, that you would like to relax and have a ladies night there’re many late-night entertainment places to go to, and that’s why you need to decide what your priority is in order make an adequate decision. All of these places are modern and fashionable, and what’s the most important they care about customers and their satisfaction above all.

If you are in Dubai and you aren’t younger than 21, you should definitely check our Dubai’s vibrant nightlife, because it’s one of the things this city is famous for.

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