The Best Weight Loss Diets

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Written by Helen

Don’t you hate being hungry and eating hardly anything whole day because you’re on a diet? Don’t you wish you could eat regularly and still be able to lose weight at the same time? Well, let me tell you that nothing, including this, is impossible But to achieve your goal you have to have a healthy lifestyle and therefore spend a lot of time and energy on planning a correct diet, which will not only help you to get in shape, but also provide energy and essential nutrients to guarantee to be strong and healthy.

Luckily, nowadays more and more people start to realize that being hungry almost a whole day isn’t the best diet because of its negative consequences, such as decreased metabolism. That means that once you start eating normally and get the same amount of calories daily as you did before, you will most likely put on weight again.  In addition to this, various symptoms might appear like dizziness, headaches, nausea and etc. But the worst is that fasting can cause some serious health problems, and that’s why anyone who decides to lose weight with the help of diet has to consult an endocrinologist or use the Internet to plan the best diet for losing weight.

Weight loss in Dubai is quite a problematic topic for the local population, and the city offers many centers, which customers can visit in order to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

One of them is Bionix Body Designers, which is considered the best and offers many services apart from weight loss treatment. Their treatment involves non-surgical programs and body contouring services. First of all, the experienced and qualified team fully examines a client to determine a cause of overweight and only then they start to create a specialized plan based on results. Bionix offers modern and effective technologies and treatments, such as Flab to Fab treatment, Fab To AB Program, Pinch Out An Inch, Biggest Loser Program, and other packages. If you’re interested in provided offers, you can visit this center’s website in order to get comprehensive information about each procedure and book an appointment online.  

In addition to this, if you’re willing to find more about how to lose weight in Dubai, here are some effective weight loss procedures and treatments: electro muscle stimulation, Hypoxia, ultrasound cavitation or cryotherapy. Those procedures are available at different weight loss centers usually at acceptable prices.

If you don’t wish to visit any centers or specialists, then modern technologies can help you to find your own, individual method for weight loss. The most important thing is an attitude and self-confidence, if you believe in yourself and are motivated, that will make achieving your goal much simpler. After that, it is significant to find out exactly what you want and need and take your timetable, abilities, health situation and activity level into consideration to set a realistic goal. Why realistic? Because it is essential to follow your aim and once someone isn’t able to do that, the motivation may be gone. So, in the beginning, set an easy and achievable goal!

Another thing that you need to do is worry about are calorie, and how to calculate calorie, because you have to burn more than you eat and if you don’t calculate how many calories you burn or get daily, it will be too difficult to establish what to eat. Each organism is individual, and you have to calculate your body fat percentage based on your weight. 10-12% body fat is essential for women, while 2-4% for a man. As for acceptable body fat, it’s 25-31% among women and 18-25% among men. If your body fat is higher than acceptable, you should eat less food that contains fat.

It is highly recommended to get more protein than carbs and fat throughout the day. One of the most common mistakes that people make is excluding breakfast. It is essential to eat in the morning carb-rich food in order to get energy, which you will definitely need during the next hours when you’re active and your brain functions actively.  If you decide to eat 3 times a day, a dinner should contain not only carbs but protein and fat as well.

As for evening, light food is recommended maybe with protein and carbs, but you absolutely have to exclude any fat. You should also pay attention to drinking enough water during the day, like 1,5-2 liters to have a good metabolism. It is also essential to eat fruit or vegetables because they contain vitamins and everyone knows their positive effect on a human organism. In order for weight loss to be effective, you need to have a healthy diet and eat what is necessary for an organism. In addition to this, it is considered to be effective to eat at the same time every day, for example, to have breakfast at 9 o’clock, then dinner at 4 o’clock and lunch at 7 o’clock and repeat that every day.

It’s up to you to decide how many times to eat, but it is more efficient when your portions are small like you can eat small portions 5 times a day and it will help you more to lose weight than eating bigger portions 3 or 2 times a day. If you need a special diet, for example, you are vegetarian or vegan, you can have quite good alternatives.

So, it is possible to design your own diet but before you do, you have to consider many things. Remember the best diet for losing weight is the one based on your body and organism! After creating your personal diet, it is important to find motivation and stick to it. It is very difficult to avoid temptations on a daily basis but one of the things, you can do is a diet with your friends. In order to stay fit and healthy, be active every day, start exercising, riding a bike or just taking long walks. Don’t forget that sitting all day is an enemy not only to your shape but also health.

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