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We often see women who put their beauty and self-care routines aside because they think they have other important things to care about: job, family, responsibilities. Only a few of them realize that self-care means way more than just looking good. It means reaching and craving for a full physical, mental, emotional well-being which should be a top-priority for every human. We are going to talk about different ways of self-care and give you some advice that will help you with staying beautiful and healthy at all times.


Skin is the most visible part of our bodies so you might want it to look good. It also reflects the condition of our inner health. If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle it can show up in the structure of your skin. Developing a daily skin-care routine is essential. No matter what type of skin you have you should use several products. 1)A gentle cleanser- to remove bacteria and keep your skin moisturized 2)An exfoliant – to remove dead cells and keep your skin flexible as you age. 3) Sunscreen – to protect you from UVA and UVB rays and help you to avoid skin cancer and wrinkles.


Combination of different products that are used to improve or change the appearance of your face. It has helped a lot of people with overcoming insecurities, gaining confidence and getting a desired appearance. Makeup products are generally made by mixing different chemical compounds. Some of them are made from natural resources while others are artificial. It’s always better if you use natural products as they don’t have a bad effect on your skin. Some beauty products, like moisturizer and cleansers, are also considered as make-up products and they are made to help you to get better skin.

Laser hair-removal 

If you are dealing with unwanted hair, laser hair removal is for you. It is considered as the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. Highly concentrated light gets in the hair follicles where the pigment absorbs the light and destroys the structure of hair. There are so many good things about removing hair with laser: it targets dark hair and leaves the skin undamaged, the procedure doesn’t take much time, it’s painless and after 5-10 sessions most patients experience permanent hair-loss. Other products remove your hair temporarily while laser targets roots of each hair. But it can lead to many problems if done by an unprofessional. So you want to make sure you visit an expert.

Eyebrow microblading

Microblading is a technique to deposit pigment into the skin by tiny needles. It’s like creating a semi-permanent tattoo. If you want to have fuller eyebrows or want to change its shape you should try eyebrow microblading. It also can be used if you have completely lost your eyebrow hair due to various reasons. By choosing the custom colour and creating arch microblading will give your eyebrows a natural look. Another great thing about it is that once you get the procedure done it can last up to 3 years and you won’t need to apply makeup on eyebrows as they will look flawless all the time.

Shopping trends in Dubai

Shopping is a way of relaxation for many people and it definitely is an act of self-care as you get the things that complete your look. Dubai with nearly 100 shopping malls is one of the main fashion centres in the world. Malls are attractive to many people, especially the ones who are looking for the latest brands and models. Online Shopping is another trendy thing. If malls are not enough for you there are various online shops where you can find whatever you are looking for and get it delivered home.

Cosmetic surgery

If you are not happy with your body or appearance you have an option of getting a cosmetic surgery and get the look that you’ve always wanted. Breast enhancement is one of the most popular plastic/cosmetic surgeries. Women who need to restore a natural looking breast or are not happy with the size or shape of their breast can get the implants filled with silicone gel or saline. You can get the desired outcome but you should carefully choose the surgeon, as poorly made surgery can lead to further difficulties. Another very popular and effective plastic surgery is liposuction which removes the fat from the body and helps patient to get a desired shape of the body. The surgery involves cannula and pressure to suck the fat out of the body. Among the many advantages it is believed, that liposuction gives a short-term result in weight loss, but it can be more effective for people of average weight and skin with good elasticity.

Beauty and self-care should be your top priorities. If you want to change some aspects of your appearance, health condition there are many things you can try to get desired results. All these services and products are available in Dubai, but not all the companies are trustworthy. You need to make sure that you use natural, healthy products and get all the procedures done in a safe environment by the professionals.